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19th - 20th March 2025
NEC, Birmingham

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News & Press Releases

  • As we excitedly await the next edition of Naidex, we're delighted to announce, direct from the Royal Albert Hall and London Palladium Theatre, a performance by the award-winning Music Man Project UK live on the Naidex Facebook, on the 16th of October at 2:00pm!  
  • With beautiful countryside and quaint harbour towns, the UK has plenty of amazing spots for memorable and accessible staycations. Read on to discover five of the most accessible places you can visit for a break this Autumn. 
  • Music is powerful; It has the potential to move us, boost our mood, motivate us and connect us with those around us. So, what exactly is it about music that makes it so special? And why is music so beneficial for children with disabilities? 
  • ROAR B2B, the organisers of Naidex, Europe’s most established event for the independent living community, have taken the decision to postpone the event to 9th – 10th March 2021.    After extensive con ...
  • Naidex are pleased to be able to support the needs of our customers and visitors, by encouraging our exhibitors to make use of The Royal College of Occupational Therapists Supplier Directory as detailed in their guest blog.
  • The UK events industry has been hit with an unprecedented year following the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that the UK’s event industry is gearing up to help kickstart the economy and Naidex is proud to be a part of this.  

  • We often hear about how helpful sports and outdoor activities can be for our mental health. They are closely linked, with the release of chemicals in our brains which can have large and small effects on us – from giving you a short term rush to a healthy body and long term improved mental health.
  • The Coronavirus is having a massive impact on everyone’s lives, whether it is for front line medical staff, the elderly or families. As we see the infection rates going up the government are introducing increasingly stringent measures on people around the world, and one of those is that we begin to isolate ourselves physically from other people.
  • Last week, The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced that £2.9 billion in funding is to go towards strengthening care for the vulnerable during the recent global outbreak of the coronavirus. 
  • We have taken the decision to reschedule Naidex to later in the year and will confirm this date by Monday 16th March 2020.
  • Paraplegic author Brian Abram is publishing a series of hilarious children’s books about the adventures of a wheelchair-using grandad and his grandson. Based on his own experiences with his grandson, each story will tell the reader a little bit about what it is like to use a wheelchair.  But more importantly, the stories will make the reader laugh out loud at the silly things Grandad Wheels and grandson Charlie get up to! 
  • It was more of a resolution than a revolution. As the clock struck midnight on 2020 and a new decade, I knew I wanted to up my campaigning as a deaf young person in the next 10 years. The solution was to launch a campaign around getting everyone to commit to captioning their online content in the next 12 months. Its name is CC Me In. 
  • An exciting new collaboration between UX design and development agency Sigma aims to improve the accessibility of the NHS’ digital services and health products. 
  • University and Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide is for every chronically ill person considering or preparing for university.
  • Here are some ideas of what can be done to help us to stay well and brimming with wellness throughout the winter. 
  • In general, it is the right of everyone to make decisions about what happens to them, restricted only by requirements and prohibitions of the law. However, in some cases, people are judged to lack the mental capacity to make informed decisions, and this means that someone else must make certain decisions on their behalf.

  • Handicare has ranked Naidex as one of the top mobility and disability shows you can visit in 2020. 
  • According to the relevant regulations, most electric wheelchairs do not meet the air transportation standards. This means that when purchasing an electric wheelchair, you need to know the relevant regulations. What is the air transportation standard of electric wheelchair with lithium battery? 
  • For people with disabilities, flexibility is an important factor. The transformation of communications technology means that it is now easier than ever to set up on your own business, so, as we head into 2020, what do you need to think about if you are starting your own business? 

  • Assistive technology (AT) changes lives. It gives people with disabilities access to the technology they need to preform everyday tasks, thrive in school, go to college and excel in employment. But it’s a huge area, encompassing everything from simple, low-tech solutions to really sophisticated, high-tech devices and finding the right solution can be difficult in such a wide field. Add to that that technology needs don’t remain static, rather changing as people’s lives and circumstances change, and it can become mind-boggling.