Naidex 2020

15th - 16th September 2021
NEC, Birmingham

News & Press Releases

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News & Press Releases

  • Being a Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) and meeting the needs of young people can be truly rewarding, but it’s important to remember that relationships and interactions with others are at the heart of this role and that it’s vital to invest time in getting them right. 

  • In the biggest change to the blue badge scheme since its introduction in 1970, people with hidden disabilities will now be eligible for a Blue Badge parking permit. 

  • In the UK, loneliness is a big problem for many elderly people. Many older people live a good distance away from family and have lost their close friends. This can mean that they lose the vital contact that they need to live as full of a life as possible. There are things that elderly people can do, with the help of their loved ones, to combat the problem of loneliness. 
  • Amazon and the NHS have launched a new assistive technology partnership that sees Alexa, the AI-powered voice assistant, being used to offer health advice for patients who can’t easily access information online. 
  • With the arrival of brighter and sunnier days, happiness is in the air and so is love. Summer is a time of the year when our thoughts naturally turn towards new romance and relationships. Being disabled shouldn't be a barrier to love, and the internet dating scene can be extremely adaptable if you proceed in a positive way. 
  • Here are the five tips and tricks you need to have a safe and rewarding adventure! 

  • World Wellbeing Week (24 to 28 of June 2019) aims to promote awareness to the various aspects of a person’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing. 

    In light of this initiative, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways to put your wellbeing first! 

  • There has been a growing interest in both physical and mental wellbeing, with more and more people interested in plant-based alternatives for healthier living. Following this wellness trend, we’ve seen interest in CBD oil increase significantly, but what exactly is CBD?
  • Thanks to her ambassadorial role for Naidex that Kat was introduced to Precision Rehab in 2018 – a meeting which she admits changed her life and has enabled her to ultimately return to her various careers. 

  • A year ago, Samanta Bullock, found herself wondering what was the point of having more disabled models if there are no designers making clothes for them to wear? The wheelchair model took the matter in her own hands and started the project of a high-end, sustainable and inclusive clothing brand.  
  • The Stove Guard from Finnish company Innohome, is a device that works out when the temperature of cooking is too high and potentially hazardous, and turns off the source of ignition. It is designed to support the all-important daily activity of cooking, enabling older people and those with physical and cognitive difficulties to remain safe and independent at home.