Why Exhibit?

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Why Exhibit?

What does a success look like for your business? 

The right audience is always a priority and at Naidex, so we are dedicated to ensuring you meet the right people. How do we do this? With great content! We will bring 8,000 buyers to the floor with the guarantee of fantastic content, intimate meetings and demonstrations of emerging technology and equipment. Tell us what your event priorities are and let us do the hard work for you.




  • We've had a lovely time at Naidex 45. Everybody's been brilliant, its been an exceptional show for us. We've been able to showcase our artificial intelligence & wearable devices and we're definitely coming back next year.
    OrCam UK Ltd
  • The event gives smaller and large companies a chance to demonstrate the work they are doing to improve lives of disabled people, everyone here has a purpose, everyone has a different solution helping someone that has a unique situation or scenario with unique needs. It’s great to get everyone in one big venue and share all the different innovation and collaboration ideas
    Transreport - winner of the 'Changing Lives Award'
  • The event is massively important for the industry, as personally being very office based myself, being able to get out and engage with the community is such an important aspect and seeing all the great work that’s going on in the sector is really important
  • From a consumer point of view and the individuals coming along, I was absolutely amazed at the sheer volume and number that actually attended. It’s given us the opportunity to get in contact with the consumer of which we largely deal with the conditions. It’s a really good interface and a fantastic learning experience for us and also a great information source for the visitors from a number of different operational aspects
  • The event has been great in terms of staff, it's been really easy, and they've all been really accommodating. It’s been great as a start-up as I’m in pre-launch. I was quite nervous coming but the response I’ve got from people around has been absolutely invaluable to the business and it’s been a great boost to get me started. It’s huge for the industry as it doesn’t always show what’s available and because it’s such an exclusive market people aren’t getting what they’re doing out enough. This event is the perfect opportunity to do that
  • Very pleased to be here at Naidex, we find a very nice hospitality and people here are very interested in our product (...) it’s interesting to see how people are reacting to our sensory music tune (...) people will not leave our chairs as they’re doing everything to help us, and it’s very nice!
  • I’m exhibiting here for the first time at Naidex 2019 with my company Tendercare. Excellent, the first day was so busy, I couldn’t ask for more! Second day, also busy, more interest from commercial companies rather than just the individuals, and the experience was excellent.

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