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15th - 16th September 2021
NEC, Birmingham

Seminar Programme

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Seminar Programme

The seminar programme for Naidex is coming soon!

  1. Accessibility Summit
  2. Mobility
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Trade and Professional Services
  5. Education and Employment
  6. Sports Arena
  7. Accessibility Summit
  8. Mobility
    We will tell the story of company founder who broke his neck, and learned of the needs many people S ...
  9. Lifestyle
  10. Trade and Professional Services
  11. Education and Employment
    Does your child have Special Educational Needs or a Disability? Have you been told you will not get an EHC Plan? Do you think your SENCO or the Local Authority's 'No' means you will not get an EHC Plan? Do not be mistaken, the Law is very clear. Come and find out what you are entitled to.
  12. Sports Arena
  13. Keynote Theatre
    I would like to give an insight of my journey as a disabled woman of colour and how I set up the first organisation supporting disabled people of colour in the UK.
  14. Accessibility Summit
  15. Mobility
  16. Lifestyle
  17. Education and Employment
    This seminar provides a detailed overview of the Safespace multi-purpose room. Ideal for individuals ...
  18. Panel and Awards
  19. Accessibility Summit
  20. Mobility
  21. Lifestyle
    This seminar provides a detailed overview of the Safespace multi-purpose room. Ideal for individuals with complex needs the Safespace provides a soft, flexible sleep and relaxation space for those who may be unsafe in an ordinary room. During this seminar, Sharon will provide a product demonstration and explore the key benefits including improved sleep patterns, behaviour self-management and how it can be an effective tool to deliver a sensory diet.
  22. Trade and Professional Services
    Demonstrating the patented SMART BRAKE Technology – first ever multipurpose wireless brakes for bicycles, wheelchairs and more. Millions of kids, elderly and disabled struggle with the handgrip challenge; we provide a solution where users with limited hand force and mobility can be more active in daily life. We show how the modular brake can be adjusted to user needs, and how companions can control brake from distance.
  23. Panel and Awards
  24. Sports Arena
  25. Keynote Theatre
  26. Accessibility Summit
    In order to deliver care into an individual's home, some form of access is required. In this seminar we will look at how using a key safe for access will save money for the care provider but more importantly it will also save time. This time can be spent providing more care which benefits the individual. We will share some examples of how a key safe has been of benefit. We will also look at access for emergency services and show how a key safe means quicker access when every second counts.
  27. Mobility
  28. Lifestyle
  29. Trade and Professional Services
  30. Keynote Theatre
  31. Accessibility Summit
  32. Mobility
  33. Lifestyle
  34. Education and Employment
    Through his own experience as both a personal injury lawyer with a spinal cord injury, Jonathan will cover: 1. The importance of a personal injury claim 2. The difficulties accessing statutory services for those with a disability. 3. The role of a lawyer at CFG Law. 4. How compensation after a serious injury can really make a difference to quality of life of an injured person.
  35. Sports Arena
  36. Sports Arena
  37. Accessibility Summit
  38. Lifestyle
  39. Trade and Professional Services
  40. Panel and Awards
  41. Keynote Theatre
  42. Accessibility Summit
    Highways England looks after England's motorways and A-roads. Join us to learn more about how to stay safe while you're driving and if you break down, and how we're improving our roads and services to make them accessible for all.
  43. Mobility
  44. Lifestyle
  45. Education and Employment
  46. Lifestyle
  47. Lifestyle
  48. Keynote Theatre
    How can we empower European citizens to support their health and wellbeing through digital solutions? Liz Ashall-Payne will analyse the current state of the European digital health app and accreditation landscape, recognising the lack of digital health solutions that meet regulatory standards. What are the steps we can take to empower and enable digital citizens across Europe?'
  49. Accessibility Summit
    CDS is an award-winning communications agency on a mission to ensure that every customer-facing output is accessible to every person, on the platform they want and in the format they need. In this session, we offer practical advice on how to improve and ensure the accessibility of your communications, website, and customer-facing outputs.
  50. Mobility
    Debbie is passionate about creating a countryside for all. In her bid to make the inaccessible acces ...
  51. Lifestyle
  52. Panel and Awards
  53. Sports Arena
  54. Keynote Theatre
  55. Accessibility Summit
  56. Lifestyle
  57. Panel and Awards
  58. Sports Arena
  59. Keynote Theatre
    How to get the most of your online dating when you have a disability or suffer from social anxiety. Expert guidance and practical tips.
  60. Accessibility Summit
    Using the story of how our app, Passenger Assistance, came to be, Jay will explore how developments in technology can help make the world more accessible for disabled people. In a world where we can get anything we want delivered to our doorstep in a matter of hours, there is so much opportunity to use tech to make the lives of disabled people easier. Jay will discuss why he created the Passenger Assistance app, what the app hopes to change, how disabled people have been involved' n its inception and what's in store for the future!
  61. Mobility
  62. Lifestyle
  63. Keynote Theatre
  64. Accessibility Summit
    What's up your bum, what happens when it all goes wrong, what do we do and how can we help, how we i ...
  65. Panel and Awards
  66. Sports Arena
  67. Sports Arena
  68. Keynote Theatre
  69. Accessibility Summit
  70. Lifestyle
  71. Accessibility Summit