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19th - 20th March 2025
NEC, Birmingham

CPD Member 

RCOT October Webinar Series: On Demand

Naidex Digital presents the Rehab at Home webinar

Embracing the cloud: The benefits of using cloud-based software in clinical practice (12-12:30pm)

The webinar is presented by Qunote, one of UK’s leading cloud-based clinical records systems designed specifically around the day-to-day needs of private practice clinicians.

The use of cloud-based software for clinical record keeping is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With many people making the switch over from paper records or desktop software like Word and Excel, this webinar provides an overview of the key benefits of using cloud-based software to support your clinical practice.

Cloud-based software allows you to keep all data and information in one place, whilst simultaneously ensuring all data protection obligations are met. Additionally, having features for client record keeping, note taking, diary management and invoicing, it can help improve efficiency and productivity in clinical practice.

This webinar will also provide guidance on the key things to look for when trying to find the right software for your business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the benefits of storing client records on a cloud-based system.

  • To understand how cloud-based systems help you cut down on time spent on administration and day-to-day tasks such as billing.

  • To understand how cloud-based systems support the tracking and analysis of organisational performance through reporting functions.

  • To understand how cloud-based record systems can help standardise record keeping and ensure data security obligations are met.


On demand access

Rethinking the Continuum of Neurological Rehabilitation: How Advanced Rehabilitation Technology can support the effectiveness of therapies through the whole continuum of care (13:00-13:30pm)

Suffering neurological disease can be a devastating and life-changing event. There is a broad evidence base for neurological rehabilitation in the acute and subacute phases, and it has become accepted that task specificity and intensity play an important role in positively influencing functional restoration. In this regard, rehabilitation technology is becoming a significant extension within the overall rehabilitation chain. This is because the technologies support therapists in their work and can contribute to an increase in training intensity. Already in the very early phase in the intensive care unit up to the aftercare in the home environment. The webinar presents groundbreaking concepts across the entire continuum of care and shows how the use of modern technology can improve the rehabilitation process.

Key takeaways:

  • Learning about the principles and working methods of modern neurorehabilitation

  • Understanding the use of robotics and technology in rehabilitation

  • Transferring theory into practice based on concrete case studies presented by clinical experts

On demand access