Speaker profile for Sarah McAnallen: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Sarah McAnallen

CEO and founder

Company Name: McAnallen

Seminar Title: Panel discussion: Inclusive Fashion

While the fashion industry has been making some positive changes in terms of diversity of late, there is still some way to go when it comes to creating fashion fit for all. Hear our expert panelists discuss how fashion can become more inclusive.

About Sarah McAnallen

Founder of McAnallen and a final year Bachelor of Arts Honours student, Sarah’s passion lies in removing the stigma around disability and mobility products through creating a range of luxurious, bold mobility aids. She is launching her first product Ezi-Sock and is currently designing her second product Ezi-Bra. Although not having a disability herself, Sarah’s mum, who took a stroke at a young age, has been the inspiration for her products and business.