Speaker profile for Sandra Gasson: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Sandra Gasson

Company Name: Kent County Council Autistic Spectrum Conditions Team

Seminar Title: Utilising technology to enable greater levels of independence and self -management for individuals with Autism

Sandra has been supporting adults to be independent using Abilia’s cognitive products. Abilia’s products support individuals in understanding time by making it visual and easy to understand using the Quarter Hour Principle;15 minutes is represented by a dot of light that goes out once time has passed. An electronic version allows this to be used on smart phones and tablets for portability and discreet usage with remote support capabilities.

About Sandra Gasson

Sandra Gasson (Specialist Occupational Therapist) has worked in Health and Social Care for almost three decades. Promoting independence has been her focus and a career-long interest following the birth of one of her sons who was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD in the 90’s.

In 2012, she was appointed a case manager role in the newly formed local authority’s Autism Team and soon embarked on pilot work to promote occupational therapy approaches specifically tailored and adapted for people on the autistic spectrum. This led to carrying out formal research with her social work colleagues to investigate the effectiveness of specialist occupational therapy approaches with high functioning autistic people.

Sandra was keen to explore different types of technology including apps as a way of providing person-centred support to enable people to self-manage their difficulties and to feel more in control of their lives.