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Speaker profile for Mike Redford: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Mike Redford

Company Name: AddSeat by AddMovement

Seminar Title: Using Mobility Devices to Improve Health and Welfare

The physical demands of being in wheelchair and the need to reduce the demand on the health service require new thinking in mobility, with multiple modes of transport available new options become available.
This combination means that we can help wheelchair users reduce wear and tear on their bodies.
Add the benefits of being able to work in new ways health and welfare can be improved.

About Mike Redford

CEO of AddSeat by AddMovement. Mike loves to create or take the vision and make it happen!

Since joining AddMovement in 2015 Mike has taken AddSeat from being Innovation of the Year in Sweden 2014 to a company identified by the EU in 2018 as one of the “top ten” sustainable mobility start-ups in Europe.

Building distribution and sales in Europe, US and Canada now expanding into the UK. Mike is now the majority owner of AddMovement and is totally passionate about bringing greater personal mobility to all.