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Speaker profile for Michael Vermeersch: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Michael Vermeersch

Digital Inclusion Lead

Company Name: Microsoft

Seminar Title: Our Continued Story on Disability Inclusion

Disability Inclusion in the workplace allows organisations to play a leading role in changing attitudes for the better. They change behaviour and culture in their own businesses, networks and communities. If a business is confident on the subject of disability, it attracts a diverse workforce; it increases workplace productivity; it improves its customer experience hugely; it innovates. Learn how and why to embrace disability as talent.

About Michael Vermeersch

Michael’s humble beginnings, at Atari Computers, brought him to Microsoft in 2001. There, working in Services, he gained a technology innovation award less than a year later. Demonstrating the business benefit of accessibility, his role at Microsoft also evolved. He has continued to gain awards and recognition across all
industry sectors.

Now as Digital Inclusion Lead at Microsoft UK Enterprise Services, Michael observed that barriers to Digital
Transformation had to be overcome to reach promised business value. Accessibility is one of these barriers.

Using his creative neuro-diverse thinking and passion for inclusion, Michael created the Digital Inclusion offering, helping organisations gain greater business advantage, embedding this in their transformational journeys. Michael also chairs Microsoft’s UK Disability Employee Resource Group and was invited to 10 Downing Street to present his views on bringing disabled talent into work.

Recently, Michael received Microsoft’s highest Platinum Club award for his work in disability inclusion.