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6th - 7th July 2022
NEC, Birmingham

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Merleen Watson

Merleen Watson

Volunteer, Retired

My background in Personnel Management, as a Senior Education Officer, an Ofsted lead inspector, IIP trainer and a CQC hospital reviewer, gives me the confidence and knowledge to forge excellent working relationships with senior management and hospital Trust Boards with whom I enjoy a 'critical friend' role - focusing on service improvement for hearing impaired members of public, staff, patients and volunteers.
In addition, I have 'worked' at raising issues regarding the accessibility of services for hearing impaired people with several major organisations, and also to improve their understanding of the vital roles of all Assistance Dogs, including their access rights. This has included major High Street banks, individual tourist venues, G.P practices, four NHS Trusts, and The National Trust. In particular, my work with NHS Trusts and The National Trust has involved major corporate reviews, organisation-wide training for staff and volunteers together and awareness-raising of employer responsibility.
I am now have my second Dog, Zyla, from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, having been blessed with Grace, who has transformed my world enabling me to use my professional skills in a way I did think was possible in retirement. I am an active volunteer for both Hearing Dogs and Hearing Link and Grace has been an active demonstrator of her skills - Including a demo on the radio!


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