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Speaker profile for Melanie Sturman: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Melanie Sturman

Moving and Handling Advisor

Company Name: Norfolk County Council

Seminar Title: Supporting the Person with Dementia to Transfer Using a Hoist

Individuals with dementia often become distressed during transfers with a hoist. The seminar will discuss different sling fabrics and sling applications to promote comfort and dignity during hoisting. Delegates will be able to observe transfers from sitting to lying and lying to sitting positions.

About Melanie Sturman

Melanie is a registered general nurse with over 20 years experience as a moving and handling practitioner. Melanie is a co-author of the Handling of People (6th edition book) and in 2019 was co-author of Dementia: A Behavioural Approach to Moving and Handling. Melanie is a member of National Back Exchange and a regular presenter at national and international events. Melanie currently works as a Moving and Handling Advisor for Norfolk County Council.