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Speaker profile for Melanie Sturman: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Melanie Sturman

Moving and Handling Advisor

Company Name: Norfolk County Council

Seminar Title: Supporting Safe Retrievals From the Floor

ndividuals with dementia often become distressed following a fall at home. The seminar will discuss and demonstrate different retrieval methods to support safe transfers from the floor.

About Melanie Sturman

Melanie is a registered general nurse with over 20 years experience as a moving and handling practitioner. Melanie is a co-author of the Handling of People (6th edition book) and in 2019 was co-author of Dementia: A Behavioural Approach to Moving and Handling.

Melanie is a member of National Back Exchange and a regular presenter at national and international events. Melanie currently works as a Moving and Handling Advisor for Norfolk County Council.