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Speaker profile for Janette Daley: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Janette Daley

Occupational Therapy Team Manager

Company Name: Lancashire County Council

Seminar Title: Single-Handed Care – Steps to Success

A short presentation on Lancashire County Council's single-handed care journey so far followed by a practical equipment

About Janette Daley

Janette gained a 1 st class honours degree in occupational therapy in 2015 whilst working in neurological rehabilitation. In 2016 she
moved to Lancashire County Council where she quickly discovered the enormous benefits of single-handed care. Janette
completed a pilot project aimed at reducing the need for multiple carer interventions which proved highly successful. As a result,
this year Lancashire County Council invested in a team of specialist occupational therapists focussing on the implementation of
single-handed care across Lancashire with Janette