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20th - 21st March 2024
NEC, Birmingham

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Funmi Lawal

Funmi Lawal

Founder and CEO, CLIP-KNix

I am Funmi Lawal the founder and CEO of Clip-knix, at the age of 35, I suddenly and unexpectedly had a stroke. I could not talk, walk or use my entire right side. I went on to develop end-stage kidney disease. I had to be on dialysis and eventually I had a successful transplant in 2011.

I started my business as a result of the idea I had when I was recovering from a stroke. Clip-knit is an Adaptive Patented Front Fastening underwear for women. It negates the need to bend or stretch. It can be worn sitting, standing or lying down. Ideal for the elderly, disabled and post-surgery recuperation.

The stroke left me with reduced mobility, I couldn't walk, it was extremely painful to bend down, and getting dressed felt like a constant everyday battle.

The company was set up to help the elderly, limited mobility people and post-operative recuperation. The elderly want underwear that enables them to wear and put off with minimal effort. An Underwear that does not require bending or stretching. An Underwear that could be worn sitting, standing or lying down depending on their frailty.

The limited mobility person wants underwear that would be comfortable for the entire day, not only for ease but for comfort. People with chronic back pain, stroke, etc can easily wear underwear that not only negates bending or stretching but wears it easily.

When recuperating after surgery, the least you want to worry about is your underwear, you want to be able to stand, sit or lie down to wear it. We made the underwear with this in mind for people who have had old and current surgery.

To me it is not just a business enterprise, it is my passion for wanting to help others as I have experienced the same in life. I aim to see many people live independent lives as much as possible and positively.

My name is Ms Funmi Lawal I gained a BSc. in Economics, MSc. in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (ADMIS) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. I earned a professional qualification Prince2 practitioner. I was employed in UK Civil Service for 10 years. I have experience in 3 continents, namely, Africa, Europe and Asia.

I am a trustee of the Royal free Patient Kidney Association, an Advisor for billion- strong and a member of Meaningful Business. I was on the list of Smallbiz 100 2022, f entrepreneur #ialso and speciality clothing of the year. I have been featured in my London news, the Metro and Daily Mail.