Speaker profile for Farshideh Bondarenko: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Farshideh Bondarenko

Company Name: Birkdale Neuro Rehab Centre

Seminar Title: The role of virtual reality based technology in rehabilitation

Virtual Reality (VR) is an engaging tool that can be used to increase therapy dose and recovery potential. This seminar will explore the role of VR extending outside of the clinic and becoming an integral part of user’s remote exercise programme. VR can offer real-time feedback, help assess progress and provide tailored therapy. VR can exercise motor and cognitive function alongside key
aspects of visual challenges and working memory.

About Farshideh Bondarenko

Farshideh has been working as a neuro physiotherapist for over 30 years in a combination of NHS and the private sector. She is currently head of Birkdale Neuro Rehab Centre and has been able to follow clients over many years.

This unique experience has enabled her to observe the effect of rehab in neurological clients. Using VR has specifically highlighted the importance of visually guided movements in this process.