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Speaker profile for Arne Compernolle: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Arne Compernolle

Company Name: Permobil EMEA

Seminar Title: Health & functional outcomes with power assist devices

Up to 75% of manual wheelchair users will face repetitive strain injuries due to overuse of the upper extremities. To prevent these RSI users need to reduce the magnitude and the frequency of the load which impacts the functional independence. Power assist devices help to reduce the load, without reducing the functional level. Incorporating smart devices further increases usability of these products.

About Arne Compernolle

Arne Compernolle has a background of electro-mechanics, occupational therapy and a vast experience of working in the field with wheelchairs users offering solutions to increase their functional level. He became a Clinical & Training Manager for Permobil EMEA in 2015. His ambition is to provide a better understanding to drive functional and clinical outcomes from the wheelchair intervention, and to improve usability and user-friendliness of assistive technology.