Adaptive Martial Arts (AMA)

Adaptive Martial Arts (AMA) is delighted to be registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), this status is audited by Companies House, much like a Charity. A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders.

To set up a CIC, you need to apply to Companies House, and:

◦ include a ‘community interest statement’, explaining what your business plans to do

◦ create an ‘asset lock’- a legal promise stating that the company’s assets will only be used for its social objectives

◦ get your company approved by the community interest company regulator - and be audited by.

To get this status ensures that the business exists for the benefit of the community and no-one can make unreasonable gains from it. To achieve this status adds credibility and makes grant funding easier.

AMA seeks to provide fair and safe competitive opportunities, sign posting to accessible and trained coaches and to promote Martial Arts, Adaptive BJJ primarily.

We are initially offering taster sessions and a 10 week ‘Introduction to Martial Arts’ course, which allows the participant to familiarise themselves with the Dojo environment and explore a variety of exercises which are purposeful to the combat sports offered. They will then be exposed to 5 Martial Arts in the format of 1 session per week being sport specific conditioning and the second being an introduction to a Martial Art, this will be advanced the proceeding week, then a different Martial Art will be introduced.

The aim of this is to increase confidence and self esteem, whilst giving the participants tools and contacts to go on to pursue sports and exercise. When demand permits we aim to run a permanent class for adaptive athletes. We can currently also offer seminars, we can come to any venue too demonstrate and educate people in Martial Arts, as well as private lessons.

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