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24 Oct 2019

Flying With an Electric Wheelchair Handcycle

Flying is all about experiencing the freedom, and defying the limits. For many people, accessible travelling seems like nothing but a beautiful dream – wonderful in theory, impossible in practice. Things couldn’t be further from the truth. Is every travel destination accessible? Absolutely not. Is wheelchair friendly travelling possible? Absolutely yes! Throughout the years, Milosz from Blumil visited numerous places (South Africa, Shanghai, USA, Spain, and Kenya to name a few) with his wheelchair alongside, and had a wonderful time. Since Blumil GO electric handcycle entered Milosz life, traveling has become easier. Sometimes he has to be extremely careful, and numerous bumps in pavement may give him a headache, but the abundance of wonders he stumbles upon makes up for every inconvenience.  As flying is often the best travel option, Milosz wanted to share his experience of flying… in the Blumil style! Things you should know, procedures to remember, tips to make life easier – everything’s waiting for you below! So take a read... 

Picture of an electric wheelchair handcycle.

5 Things You Should Know About Flying With an Electric Wheelchair 

1 - Electric wheelchair handbike Blumil GO can be safely transported by plane 

  • When travelling by plane, one of the safety concerns regarding an electric wheelchair add on is the battery. However, the dry Lithium Ion battery powering the Blumil electric wheelchair was created using high tech and it doesn’t cause any short-circuit. You can simply disconnect the battery from the wheelchair using a key. Simple, right? With electric wheelchair attachments like Blumil GO and planes going together very well, suddenly traveling with a wheelchair is easier than ever. 

2 - You can take Blumil onboard in every airline 

  • Taking Blumil onboard shouldn’t cause you any additional costs. You are allowed to transport two wheelchairs/mobility devices free of charge. Of course, informing the airline about your journey is necessary, so they are prepared to help you. Most of all, know your rights and be polite – airlines can be your friends if you play your cards right. 

3 - Your assistance dog is welcome to fly with you – for free! 

  • If your dog is a certified assistance dog, you can fly together for free. Your pet should be next to you and the other seat shouldn’t be taken, too.  What we need to emphasise though, is that your animal must be certified.  

Picture of an assistance dog laying by its owner's seat

4 - You are either going to get to an airplane first or last 

  • Depending on the airplane, wheelchair users are going to enter the airplane first or last. Everything depends on the procedures and the policy of the airline. 

5 - Airplane crew is most often friendly and ready to provide you with extra blankets or assistance 

  • While flight attendants are often busy and can’t assist you all the time, small assistance is possible. Extra blanket or pillows are probably just one question away. A bowl of water or animal food for your dog is not out of question too, but know that low-cost fares might not have it. However, if you never ask, you’ll never know! 

Procedures on the Airport 

During check-in, the staff will take our baggage and ask you whether you are going to need some assistance and if so, when. You can leave your wheelchair with all the baggage straight away and either use an airport wheelchair or stay on your own wheelchair, depending on your preference. After the suitcases are checked in, you can proceed to the gate. As mentioned before, you can enter the plain either first or last, depending on the airline. Sometimes the airplane is connected to the gate by a jet bridge, sometimes you will be taken by a special car and then lifted to enter the airplane. Upon entering the plane, you are given a special wheelchair and we take your seat. That’s a brief summary of how flying with a wheelchair looks like. It may sound complicated, but once you get used to flying, it’s a routine… like any other!  

Accessible flying is not a dream, but it's a vision thousands of people made true. Wheelchair friendly airports and planes are slowly becoming more and more common. With every passing year, it becomes easier to explore the world and it's fantastic to see how much the culture of flying has progressed. Every corner of the world is just a flight away… for everybody. Not even the sky is the limit, and experiencing the freedom is possible – especially with a Blumil electric wheelchair drive! Here's to even more accessible future. 

Three pictures: One featuring an airplane in the sky, the other one featuring an electric handicycle and the last one featuring an airport with a flight information digital board. | | 0048 790004649 

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