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07 Sep 2021

First Sex Tech Company at Naidex, Hot Octopuss, announces Live Pleasure Rebels Podcast!

Hot Octopuss as a brand has diversity at its core, and has done since its conception. Adam and Julia were friends who loved the 90s rave scene and never really fit inside any particular box, they started Hot Octopuss as a passion project switching up masturbation and self-love techniques for those who don’t wish to, or can’t masturbate or experience pleasure in a “conventional” way, all whilst ensuring that they are listening to and serving their diverse customer base. Hot Octopuss has turned into a pioneering company, of not only sex-tech innovation but also for breaking down barriers and putting an end to society's belief that disabled people are asexual and are not interested in pleasure. Julia Margo COO of Hot Octopuss said “We are so excited about being the first sex toy brand to come to Naidex, we hope that we are the first of many because it is so important that we talk to everybody especially people with disabilities about their sex lives and sexual pleasure and we want to help everybody understand how sex toys can be a tool to enable us all to access our sexual selves and empower ourselves sexually!”

Working towards this goal Hot Octopuss have taken on Kelly Gordon to join the team as Creative Director and to host their sex positive podcast Pleasure Rebels (

Kelly is a full-time wheelchair user with SMA type 3 and has always been interested in sex and relationships. Throughout her dating life as a wheelchair user she often found that she would put herself into dangerous situations in the pursuit of a relationship and even casual sex, often not disclosing her disability, telling anyone where she was going or enlisting the use of PA’s. Kelly is on a mission to normalise disability and sex and to educate her peers around communication in the bedroom so that they don’t make the same mistakes that she did and so that she can ensure you are having your best sex! Kelly believes that pleasure is a part of self care and that everyone should have a right to that, so she will be at Naidex running the Hot Octopuss stand to talk you through all of the products and how they can work for you! 

When asked about Hot Octopuss’s place at Naidex Kelly said “It is so refreshing to work with a brand like Hot Octopuss who have such a progressive way of thinking. They give me great freedom to explore completely when it comes to what we should be doing when it comes to marketing, products but also exhibits like Naidex, it is something that hasn’t been done before with any company in our field so there is no tried and tested approach to this! It’s scary but it is also really exciting that I’ll have the opportunity to work with and meet so many people that want to explore their pleasure, and that I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to talk to some attendees that are in the same situation that I was in before Hot Octopuss became such a big part of my life! I can’t WAIT to host the live Pleasure Rebels show with my amazing panellists, actors and sex positive disabled people Storme Toolis and Asta Philpot where we are going to be discussing all things casual sex, relationships and disability! It’s going to be a great show!” 

The Pleasure Rebels show will go LIVE from the Lifestyle Theatre at 3.30pm on the 15th September.

We are so lucky that ROARB2B have been so open to featuring a brand like Hot Octopuss for the first time and when speaking to James Williams MD at RoarB2B he said “I am so excited that Hot Octopuss are part of our Naidex show this year along with their podcast brand Pleasure Rebels! We understand that disabled people have the desire for pleasure, as well as relationships and we are on a mission along with Hot Octopuss to breakdown the stigma that surrounds disability and sex by welcoming Hot Octopuss to our event and welcoming Kelly Gordon their Creative Director in our lifestyle theatre along with her guests! We hope that our attendees will join us in celebrating this step forward and visit Kelly at the Hot Octopuss stand to talk all things disability and intimacy at Stand H70”.

Register for your FREE Naidex ticket HERE and visit Hot Octopuss at stand H70by visiting their website and we will see you there!

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