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Accessibility Week: Ocean3D interactive tours making a strong impact on accessibility

Join Ros Osborne and Chris Wood at Naidex 2018 to hear and view the huge benefits that the 3D interactive tours bring to accessibility to personal spaces, public/buildings etc. for everyone!

The use of these tours is proving exceptionally beneficial to individuals as they can view and walk through areas 24/7 prior to arrival to destinations. Being able to do this not only decreases anxiety, it can assist with identify access entrances, fire evacuation and clear established routes to areas within buildings. It can assist with risk assessments on both a personal and business basis. 

3D scans are helping those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to improve their independence and widen their independent choices within their communities.

Ocean3D interactive tours are immersive and all about ACCESSIBILITY and so easy to use!

Please do come and see us at our session and hear all about the extensive possibilities this can bring you and those in our communities. 



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