The Prince Tale: Changing the World One Step at a Time

Once Upon a Time, there was a young man in a wheelchair. This young man was a Prince and lived in the kingdom of a King and Queen. One day, the Prince had enough of being told how to live his life. He wanted to be like all of his friends living independently in a Castle and creating a Kingdom of his very own. The time had come.

The Prince spent many months valiantly battling to find the perfect Castle. Some were too old, some too small and some did not even have access at all. The King and Queen cried for the Prince to return but his determination grew. Through extremities of weather and the challenges faced, the Prince pursued with his dream. 

One day, when all hope had been drained from the Prince, he found a Castle of his dreams, gleaming in the sunlight, amidst the deep enchanted forest. The Prince wanted to spend the rest of his life in this Castle but there was one more obstacle he had to defeat...make the Castle accessible, as he could not enter because of big stone steps leading to the entrance.

The Prince dashed to the center of the village, seeking help from the people that built the Castle. He poured out his heart to ask villagers for assistance in building a ramp so he could gain access to his Castle. The villagers revolted and did not want an ugly permanent ramp structure on the front of a Castle they had long been aesthetically proud of. They wanted the Prince to put access at the back of the Castle where nobody could see him enter.

The Prince with his heart sunken low, traveled for days visiting different villages seeking the right people to create him access for his Castle. All he could find was a promise of a lightweight portable ramp that was heavier than his wheelchair and permanent ramps that require space with visual beauty to be taken away from the Castle.  

The Prince, full of tears, went to the river and shouted with all of his might, asking for guidance on what must he do for the dream to continue. 

Arising out of the ashes of defeat, a local villager heard the cry for help and handed the Prince a book called Secret Access. The book provided a map on how to find the creators that transform your access problem into a hidden access solution. The villager explained Secret Access solutions when not in use are concealed within entrance steps not affecting the appearance of your place. 

The dream of the Prince ignited instantly; he could have access for entry into his Castle and keep the villagers happy by not needing a permanent ramp structure at the front. The Prince asked the villager to tell him everything about how it works and how he can get Secret Access solutions. The villager smiled, pointed to the book and told him to visit Secret Access to find out more.


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