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Come with your consultation

Having the big players of the mobility industry in one place offering a variety of specialist seating solutions is a great opportunity for less able bodied people looking to purchase a Riser Recliner. Trade shows such a Naidex can be overwhelming if you haven’t done your research or don’t know what you’re looking for.

Understanding your health requirements:

Riser Recliner furniture can benefit people with a huge range of ailments and improve comfort, independence and quality of life. Coming to Naidex with a pre-assessment consultation from a mobility healthcare specialist can narrow down your search time.

Visit a GP or OT to discuss your options but leave buying until the day of Naidex where you can try before you buy as many models as you like in one place. Our health based seating solutions can be unique to you so ensure you’ve had an assessment ahead of the show to make Naidex the perfect opportunity to try the chairs already knowing what requirements your body needs.

Understanding what’s out there:

Choose a Single or Dual-motor chair to improve mobility & independence. With Single -motor’s such as the Ellen, offering one touch to recline the backrest and legrest at the same time and another button to rise the chair into a convenient standing position without putting pressure on your joints.

Dual-motor Riser Recliners including the New Ambassador & Medina allow independent control of the legrest and backrest so you can find your perfect position. A smooth lift and tilt action rises you to a standing position reducing your reliance on support from carers or loved ones to live a more independent life.

Our high quality seating solution options can reduce pressure care issues by slightly adjusting the chair to shift your body weight and reduce pressure on specific body parts or joints. The CosiChair easy to use handsets have been designed especially for people with disabilities for ease of use and increased independence.

Riser Recliners come in several back options including Button, Lateral, Tailored, & Waterfall Back and getting the right one is key. Your healthcare advisor may have a suggestion on which supportive back design would best fit your disability which will help you find a solution for a lifetime of comfort.

Consider the warranty: Although highly unlikely, products may go wrong. Different chairs can have warranties from 1 to 5 years, the Lilburn has a 3 year guarantee and the Jubilee has a 5 year guarantee! Ensure you know how long you are covered for and what is covered, compete your warranty form and keep it safe, just in case.

Top Tip: Look out for chairs which have been FIRA tested, these have been approved for strength, stability and durability to meet British & European standards specifically regarding flammability. Key features like these will be advertised within specialist furniture showrooms selling Riser Recliner chairs for the disabled community.

If in doubt, seek advice from a healthcare seating specialist such as an Occupational Therapist or General Practitioner. Why not visit a Cosi Chair Approved Retail showroom in hundreds of local locations across the UK or check out the website ahead of Naidex 2019 and get ready for your Riser Recliner!




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