Goldilocks and the three WAVs


Once upon a time, there was a young girl who needed a new wheelchair accessible vehicle. Her old vehicle had been perfect for as long as she remembered, but now, just like her teddy, it was showing the irreversible signs of ageing. Her parents had tried to find out if there was any way that they could get a new WAV which was the same as the one she had, but these weren’t made any more. The little girl was sad.

One day, the little girl went with her parents to Naidex. Naidex was a shiny big event that helped the little girl and her family see lots of things that were available to help make life a little easier for people with various needs. There were beds, hoists, care solutions and many other wonderful things, and there was, of course, wheelchair accessible vehicles.

The little girl and her parents walked through the exhibition and happened upon three shiny new WAVs; a big one, a small one and a middle sized one. She asked her Mum to push her into the small one, and although it was lovely, she felt it was just too small for her. Next, she asked her Mum to push her into the large WAV. It was lovely too, with plenty of space, but she felt it was just too big for her. Then she asked her Mum to push her into the middle sized one and they all felt that this one was just right!

The Citroën SpaceTourer Cosmo is a brand-new wheelchair accessible vehicle. It is the perfect vehicle for people who want a family car slightly bigger than a Caddy or Connect but don’t want to go as big as a Tourneo or Vivaro sized vehicle. There are a range of choices to make sure you are choosing the best vehicle for you. You have manual and automatic options with different finishes including Bluetooth, DAB radio, sensors, reversing camera and semi automatic doors.

If the goldilocks in your life is looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle that offers a low angled ramp, plenty of head room and a bit of extra space without needing to go to a vehicle that is too big for your every day needs, you might want to test out the new Citroën SpaceTourer Cosmo for yourself. You never know, it might just be the perfect WAV for you.


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