Inspiration, Ambition and Motivation - Introducing the Disability Power 100

For the past four years, The Shaw Trust Power has released a list celebrating the top 100 most influential and noteworthy disabled people in the UK.

The Disability Power 100 list was created as a representation of the Shaw Trust’s initiatives to encourage businesses, employers and other organisations to reflect on opportunities for disabled people. The list is a source of motivation and inspiration for the bright leaders of tomorrow, proving to them that ambition and aspiration knows no boundaries, not even disability or impairment. 

So, how do they create the list? Hear from the organisers themselves:

“The Shaw Trust Power 100 list is compiled by an independent judging panel, who are all active influencers of change within the disability sector. The panel represents the broad cross-section of industries and sectors covered in the publication and importantly all members have personal experience of disability. In 2018 they had to select from more than 700 nominations for the 100 places – no easy task!”

The Power 100 is more than a list, it is a warning to the world. A new wave of leaders is coming, and they are hungry for change!

Go to the Shaw Trust website and find out more about the Disability Power 100.