9-year old boy with cerebral palsy is this Halloween’s star


For 9-year old Illinois (USA) boy Anthony Alfano, Halloween is more than just a day to dress up. It’s an escape, and a way of putting smiles to everyone’s faces.

Throughout the years, his costumes have included Mini Me, the Wheel of Fortune, and even a Lincoln Memorial snow globe. This year, his costume recreates the famous waiting room scene from the 80’ sensation film ‘Beetlejuice’.

Anthony’s dad Tony designs and builds the costumes from scratch and his mom Deanne puts on the finishing touches, guaranteeing they put on a show. The costumes keep getting more and more complex and detailed, with this year’s attire including even a ‘Betelgeuse’ lawn sign that lights up. The parents think there is always room for more when you have a motivation and inspiration such as Anthony.

For the family, Halloween is a nice break from the everyday day life, and they love to make the most of trick-or-treating. Every time, Anthony returns home with a smile on his face and a bag full of candy, including his favourite M&Ms, making all of the family’s effort worthwhile.

Anthony is inspiring others too, and the family aims to build a platform to encourage other parents with special needs’ children to do the same. 

In fact, the trend of inclusive Halloween costumes seems to be growing, with people from all around the globe going the extra mile to celebrate. At the end of the day, it’s a way to bring joy into people's’ lives, brighten their day and put a smile on their face, which is what any holiday is ultimately all about.