Independence with Cyber Eyez at Home, School & Work

Cyber Eyez is an app that brings a lot of tools to smart glasses so that you can still use your hands. This is helpful not only at home, everybody likes to read their own mail with Cyber Eyez, but some people have found unique ways of using it at school and work.

Alyssa from Pennsylvania, for example, is in high school and works in the library shelving books. Before Cyber Eyez, she really struggled to find the books on the shelf. By zooming in with the camera on the glasses, she is better able to see the books on the shelf and do her job!

But Cyber Eyez does a LOT more than just zoom in on things! Take a picture and Cyber Eyez can read text to you, find over 1,600 colors and even tell you if someone is happy, sad, angry or surprised. While mood ring mode is a lot of fun, it was added for a lawyer who uses it in court!

Cyber Eyez helps at work too. Several people at Industries for the Blind Milwaukee use Cyber Eyez to do everything from read work orders on the shop floor, to running huge machines that make pens and even reading documents and computer screens in the accounting department.

In Kalamazoo the receptionist uses Cyber Eyez to route mail, answer the phones and run the FAX machine. In Raleigh, Cyber Eyez is helping in picking and packing jobs scanning barcodes, replacing ZoomText in the Customer Service department and even has a custom mode for identifying stamp bodies, ink colors and work order numbers in the manufacturing department.

While Cyber Eyez does a lot of different things, everybody knows that all technology fails. If the text read back is gibberish, you can’t get the barcode to scan and object recognition says it’s a dishwasher you can call somebody on Skype. With one click of a button a video call starts with your favorite Skype contact and they can see what the glasses see! Jeana uses Skype to get help reading a red LED temperature gauge at work. Steve uses Skype to call his assistant for quick help finding things around the office. Real time video calling with no monthly fees and no special hardware. Connect with someone you know when you need them.

Last, but certainly not least, because Cyber Eyez is an app, there are different hardware options depending on what works best for your needs. Cyber Eyez is always designed for people who are total blind first (check out Sean’s interview on “Eat Your Own Dogfood”). The M300 is a small smart glasses device designed for manufacturing and warehouse environments by a company called Vuzix. It can magnify up to 15x (although the screen is a little small), read text, recognize colors, sense moods, make Skype video calls and has Amazon Alexa built right in. Most people who are total blind or have been low vision for an extended period of time do well with the M300 version. It’s small, has a crazy long 12 hour battery life with a power pack and provides a LOT of tools. 

For people that really want a magnifier most of the time (to watch TV, read a book, watch the game), but need tools too, Cyber Eyez is on the Samsung Gear VR headset. This uses a Samsung S8 smartphone (or any Samsung phone that fits in the headset) and a headset that is used for virtual reality environments. It’s a real phone that you can turn on and use every day and then pop into the headset when you need a visual aid. The Samsung has a 70” perceptible screen and an amazing 101 degree field of view! It can magnify up to 20x and you can move the “virtual” movie screen up, down, left, right or even closer or further away to find just the right spot for your vision. The Gear VR version can read text for you, identify colors, sense moods and adjust the brightness on the fly. Also, because it’s an unlocked smartphone you can load all your favorite apps!

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