An All-Terrain Wheelchair Perfect For Family Outings

Being able to get outside as a family was a real issue for Louise Whitehead and her son Andrew until one day something changed all of this…

"I was walking in Dunkeld a few months ago with Andrew in his wheelchair… I am a keen mountain biker and spend a fair amount of time in Dunkeld, Scotland, I love the place and so it’s nice to be able to share it with Andrew, my son who has special needs – developmental delay, visual impairment and epilepsy.  Adam Flint, who I know from Progression Bikes and the MTB community, rode past and stopped as he saw us struggling over the muddy, rooty trail. He suggested we trial the Mountain Trike - an all-terrain wheelchair which has a unique lever drive system and is made up of many components to that of a mountain bike.

Progression Bikes operate as a Mountain Trike Experience Centre where people can try out a Mountain Trike using their demo model and have great product knowledge. 

We took it out for a spin and I was immediately impressed with the ease of negotiating roots, muddy bog and off camber trails. Unfortunately, due to Andrews cognitive impairment he was unable to use the levers to propel himself and I found him constantly putting his hands on the wheels. Needless to say, we were rather muddy when we returned! but Adam suggested the MT Push version which offers the same off road performance but the steering and braking takes place via the push handle located behind the rider, by the riders buddy, Adam also mentioned that mud guards should be able to be fitted.

This made it a no-brainer for me. With a love of the outdoors and the difficulties enjoying it with Andrew over the past 16 years... I was so excited that this could potentially change our lives immeasurably.

Money was the only potential deal breaker! Luckily, I had a brainwave! I set up a Crowdfunding Just Giving page and amazingly within a few weeks had raised the £3495 required for the MT Push. Mountain Trike also offer 0% finance packages which is a great option available.

So, after a major debate over colour (Mountain Trike offer a wide range of colour choices, as well as other accessories and bespoke items), we ordered the MT Push - lime green - and it arrived as promised by the given delivery date! We were out the following day and tackled rooty, muddy trails in Tentsmuir Forest, negotiated the dunes and across the sands of Kinshaldie Beach near St Andrews.

Hills will keep me fit but as my other son, Robert, studying Mechanical Engineering at Strathclyde Uni, said, “it wants to go’s so well designed”

Snow has proved to be no issue for the MT Push and we have had a couple of lovely snowy walks in Dunkeld - while it was pouring with rain at home, we were enjoying a magical snowy walk in the Hermitage. I help with Adaptive skiing at Glenshee and Andrew joins us sometimes for a blast in a bi-ski – the MT Push will make accessing this so much easier through the deep powder / slush.

I can’t thank Tim, the inventor / designer and the team at Mountain Trike enough for such an amazing product and service. We will be out and about at every opportunity spreading the word, and in my role as an Amputee Physio, I will be promoting the MT for some of my patients!"