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20th - 21st March 2024
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Unpicking Culinary Culture With The Power Of Neurodiversity

22 Mar 2023
Lifestyle and Leisure

Culinary culture is all around us; online and on social media we speak to movements such as body positivity, self love, and body acceptance. However, what about when it comes to being Autistic and interacting with food? There are multiple issues at play here, owing to arbitrary expectations we set around food, as well as inaccessibility. Journalist and speaker Lydia Wilkins has recently released her debut book, The Autism Friendly Cookbook. Compromising new research and 100 recipes, 30 from other Autistic people, join her to explore how to unpick culinary culture through the power of Neurodiversity. This will include a look at inaccessibility for neurodivergents in the kitchen, adaptations and strategies to implement, a look at current research such as when it comes to gender, and more.

Lydia Wilkins, Freelance journalist, speaker and author - Conscious Being Magazine