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20th - 21st March 2024
NEC, Birmingham

CPD Member 


Unlocking the Power of Extended Reality (XR) for Healthcare

23 Mar 2023
Accessibility and Care

In this talk, we will explore the power of Extended Reality (XR) and its potential to revolutionize healthcare. XR technology creates immersive experiences that can enhance patient outcomes and transform healthcare delivery. We will discuss the amazing things XR is doing today, such as patient wellbeing and pain management therapies, rehabilitation therapies, and medical training simulations. XR has the potential to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient experiences.

However, implementation of XR technology is not without its challenges. We will explore the obstacles healthcare providers face in accessing XR solutions and how we are addressing these challenges. We will also discuss how XR technology can be used for healthcare professional training, providing an innovative and immersive way for healthcare professionals to learn.

Join us to discover how XR technology can transform healthcare, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the way healthcare professionals are trained.

Istiaque Ahmad, Healthcare Entrepreneur - SyncVR Medical