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20th - 21st March 2024
NEC, Birmingham

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Making the invisible visible and the world’s longest lanyard?

22 Mar 2023
Accessibility and Care

For many of the world’s 1.3 billion people living with some form of disability, their disability is not immediately apparent. These non-visible disabilities can be temporary, permanent or situational and they are experienced differently by everyone. As diverse as these conditions are, so are each person's access needs and the barriers they may face in their daily lives.
At Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, we believe that the more we all are aware of non-visible disabilities, the more we can help to shape the world to support those living with them. To raise awareness of the wide range of non-visible disabilities and conditions, we're aiming to produce the world's longest lanyard with the help of our Sunflower community.
In this seminar, increase your awareness of the wide range of non-visible disabilities and some of the daily barriers that are faced by those living with them as they work, shop or travel. Find out how the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is often used as a catalyst by businesses to support creating a disability inclusive culture - it can help open conversations about disability and create a safe space for colleagues to share that they have a non-visible disability and discuss what would help to allow them to fully participate in the workplace.

And find out if we have achieved our goal of creating the world’s longest lanyard.

Annette Cmela, Chief Brand Officer - Hidden Disability Sunflower