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6th - 7th July 2022
NEC, Birmingham

Naidex 2021 Programme

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Single Handed Care in the Community Setting with the TurnAid Lateral Turning System

16 Sep 2021
Moving & Handling Lab

We will introduce Polymorit with who we are, what we do and who we serve. This will be followed by a general overview of the product and the multiple conditions that it is used for, how it can assist in promoting single handed care and the recent upgrades to the system. There will be a demonstration of the product covering how to fit the sheets, how to perform a turn, using the hand control and foot control, using positioning aids, and the different positions of the side rails. Finally we will recap on the specific points for single handed care, highlighting the foot control to enable both hands to be free, how the system does all the hard work and how this one device frees up hospital beds especially in the case of bariatric clients and those with complex conditions.

Warren Payne, Business Development & Marketing Manager - Polymorit