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Naidex Junior

Welcome To Naidex Junior!

For its 46th edition, Naidex will see the launch of Naidex Junior, a brand new trail exclusively dedicated to children with disabilities.

According to GOV.UK, 800,000 children in the United Kingdom have a disability. At Naidex, we believe that having the right support and solutions when you’re a child with a disability makes a tremendous difference, welcome to Naidex Junior!

Why attend?

A child performing Martial Arts

From behavioural equipment, wearables and inclusive education, to sleeping aids, feeding items and sensory tools, Naidex Junior will provide children with all the solutions needed to have a happy childhood, chase their dreams, fulfil their potential, and actively participate in society.

What's at the show?

Discover the latest innovations in the disability and independent living industry created specifically with children at heart!

A young child and his mother playing a touchscreen keyboard

Engage with the creators of the most advanced technology on the market, while receiving informed advice from true professionals who can help you make a difference and change some young lives!

Try before you buy - Immerse yourself in the sector's latest innovations, from the highest tech weareables to painting classes!

We want to put you face-to-face with the creators of the latest solutions for children with disabilities, ensuring your child has the biggest head start possible in their young lives!

A young child in a mechanised wheelchair


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