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Exhibitor Name: Vegepod
Stand Number: N636

Vegepods are self contained raised garden beds with a commercial grade canopy that grant full protection from the elements and pests, and giving plants protection all year round. The Vegepods allows for truly accessible gardening with stands and trolleys designed for gardening at optimum height.

The Vegepod allows for truly organic gardening, and the canopy creates a microclimate that generates amazing results and accelerates plant growth all year round.

Vegepod has expanded its product range with auxiliary products, such as the Winter Cover, which is designed especially for the colder months and instantly transforms a pod in to a raised greenhouse. The cover creates a greenhouse environment, allowing sunlight in and trapping heat, whilst protecting plants by keeping extreme cold and precipitation out. This protects plants from extreme weather and also creates a micro-climate to enhance growth.

Vegepods are available in three sizes and with a range of accessories.

Visit us at the show or on www.vegepod.co.uk

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0044 1737 764940

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