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Stand Number: N264

TourismForAll, a specialised Tour Operator for people with a disability mainly in Portugal and Spain (also others countries in Europe).
We belong to a non-governmental organization www.cercitop.org - that provides care in hospitals, clinics and homes for people with a disability.
TourismForAll can provide:
Information about local culture, best restaurants, leisure, environment/nature, accessible beaches, everything needed and with its accessibility.
We currently have several examples of programs, but we can also provide bespoke advice/service.
Caregivers - some of our drivers are also caregivers and nurses.
Various equipment to support people with special needs, to put up a hospital bed in a hotel room as an example. Please see our work https://www.tourism-for-all.com/en/servico/40/accessible-and-senior-tourism/3
Clients can also do various activities such as parachute jumping, diving, slide, etc.
A vast fleet of vehicles. From 9 seats up to 53 seats.

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