Exhibitor Name: The Powerchair Company
Stand Number: N610

The Powerchair Company custom build electric wheelchairs like nobody else. We are a successful small business who are hoping to change the electric wheelchair market. We currently build very bespoke powerchairs (the industry name for an electric wheelchair) based on a very special chassis that offers outstanding outdoor performance, (even on the BEACH!) whilst keeping the dimensions and manoeuvrability of an indoor chair. Finally..... a TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair.

We want to force the market to progress, improving people`s lives in the process. We have successfully built more than 30 of these chairs - each one built to our customers exact specification. With such high demand, we have just moved to new premises to increase production. Our customers tell us their needs, what they wish to be able to do and give us a full list of priorities - measurements are taken and a build commences. Huge improvements have been made over other manufacturers, whilst keeping the cost of a custom built, hand made, powerchair to a minimum.

At The Powerchair Company we often wonder why everything is built with a shelf life in mind these days? Many products that are considered good value that we buy in 2019 seem to be incredibly poor quality and hardly fit for purpose. Why? ...... to drive up profit. At The Powerchair Company we don`t sacrifice build quality or everything that should come as standard, on an item as important as a powerchair for a little extra profit. We believe it is possible to provide a valuable service and product whilst remaining a viable business and have proved it.

We are reverting back to when things were built to last, with no shelf life in mind, just built to the best of our ability with a view to lasting a long time! Nothing would please us more to see one of our chairs still going strong in 10 years time! Yes, that would mean that we might have missed out on selling 3 or 4 newer models but that`s not what we care about. We care about people and what they want from their powerchair....reliability and longevity. We believe repeat customers will come back because of the genuine innovations we plan to make, not because the chair has worn out.

Our managing director is a 'time served' mechanical engineer who has a vested interest in powerchairs. He is married to a C5/6 complete tetraplegic who has been a powerchair user for nearly 30 years. `H` suffered an RTA in 1990 and they met in 2003. Since then then have had 4 children, built their own specially adapted home, live life as fully as possible and have never looked back.

After 10 years of looking after his family, he returned to work as a mechanical engineer and recognised the huge disparity between `industrial quality` and `consumer quality`. For a vacuum cleaner or steam iron, this is understandable but for something as important as an electric wheelchair, surely there would be some middle ground...... the answer is no, in our opinion every electric wheelchair mass produced in china is firmly in the `consumer quality section.

The Powerchair Company custom build powerchairs like nobody else! Built using mainly corrosion proof stainless steel and aluminium components, nuts, bolts and bearings, any mild steel is heavily powder coated to prevent corrosion. All components are carefully selected and of the highest quality for unrivalled longevity.

Please visit our website for further information on these incredible hand built `industrial quality` powerchairs that literally break the mould.

giving you the power to go places!

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