Naidex 2020

9th - 10th Nov 2020
NEC, Birmingham


Wave Red Flow


Stand: N887
Three game changer rollators will be introduced in the UK in 2020 by Rollz Mobility UK: an all terrain version of the 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair with air tires, a Parkinson`s rollator with rhythmic cues and an ultralight carbon rollator. Starting with January 1st, 2020 Rollz Mobility UK Ltd will act as the exclusive distributor in the UK for all Rollz rollators, as well as for the entire mobility range of the German company Saljol Gmbh. Both Rollz and Saljol`s innovative products fit very well together. These products can be seen at Naidex, in March 2020. Rollz design rollators Rollz design rollators support an active and independent life of people who want to continue living in style, even when their mobility is not what it used to be. Most known in the UK is the Rollz Motion, rollator and wheelchair in one. Rollz Motion The Rollz Motion is perfect for those who want to keep enjoying life but worry about how far they can go. This innovative mobility equipment allows to walk in comfort and transform the rollator into a wheelchair when needed. The Rollz Motion is a very sturdy and comfortable rollator for outdoors. Thanks to its small turning cycle it is also convenient for indoor use. This rollator is easy to fold and to transform into a wheelchair. The design of the Rollz Motion was recognized by the leading international Red Dot design award 2012 and the iF product Design Award 2012. The Rollz Motion is available in different colours and sizes. Rollz Motion Performance The Rollz Motion Performance is an all terrain version of the rollator and wheelchair in one, equipped with pneumatic tires to dampen shocks. This provides a safer and smoother ride, even over rougher terrain or bumpy roads. This luxury version features also ergonomic handles, softer armrests, adjustable footrests, reflective parts and a wedge-shaped seat cushion. Rollz Motion Rhythm The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a very stable rollator that features three rhythmic cues. It is developed for people with a disrupted gait pattern like Parkinson`s, who suffer from freezing symptoms. To step out of a freeze, a combination of three different signals support the user to start a rhythmic walking movement. The three cues consist of a laser line on the floor, a ticking metronome sound and a vibration in the handles. These rhythmic cues can be set via a module on the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator. Walking pace can be speeded up or slowed down as needed. The corresponding Rollz Rhythm app allows further details to be set on the smartphone. Saljol, products to keep moving Saljol develops premium aids that make independent everyday life possible with high-quality materials and lots of attention to detail. As a manufacturer, Saljol puts heart and soul into product development: for fewer falls in everyday life, for more safety in old age and for more joy of life. See: Saljol Carbon rollator The Carbon Rollator impresses with light weight, innovative functions and its unique design of the 50s. Like hardly any other model, this mobility aid combines aesthetics with additional functionality. • Weighs only 5.8 kg: easy to carry, transport and drive; • Curved design: attractive and individual design; • Lots of safety aspects: gear shift, all terrain tires, reflectors. Saljol Page indoor rollator Do you have problems moving independently and safely in your home? Support your everyday life with the Indoor Rollator Page. • Extremely stable; • Multifunctional use: rollator, serving tray, toilet handle bars, mobile handrail; • Very narrow turning circle: fits into the smallest of spaces; • Unique: movable when seated. Saljol Spa Shower stool Showering should not be dangerous or unpleasant. Now shower all by yourself while using the SALJOL shower stool Spa. Avoids slipping hazards and dangerous falls. • Only turns safely on the spot by 360 degrees: reach every spot in the shower; • Adjustable seat width for optimal cleaning of genital area; • Heat reflecting seats: no more cold plastic.


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