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Exhibitor Name: Quality Life Technologies Co., Ltd
Stand Number: N281

Quality Life Technology Limited designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of medical products with excellent quality, including mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, nebulizers, as well as many main components, such as the compressors, wirings, seats, armrests, PU foaming tires, plastic shrouds, metal frames, gearboxes and transaxles.

As an ISO 13485 certified and GMP accredited world-class manufacturer, we have established efficient research and development ("R&D") centers and manufacturing bases in Dongguan, China. Our strong R&D capability enables us to design and manufacture a majority of our products on both OEM and ODM basis. We are proud that currently we own more than 30 registered patents on all the products in China, TW and US, and we keep delivering at least 10 projects of new products every year.

Our products have been certified by most strict international standards, like ISO, FDA, UL and CE. By serving the ODM leading customer in US and Europe for many years, our production experience, outstanding quality, short lead time and strong RD team have become the core competencies comparing to other manufacturers.

We are aiming at providing total solution with high quality, valuable products and reasonable price on account of our strong capacity. We are confident to cooperate with customers to enhance the quality of life for old people and disabilities worldwide.

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