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Exhibitor Name: Eyegaze Inc.
Stand Number: N882

Communicate with the world using only your eyes! The Eyegaze Edge® provides people who are paralyzed and unable to speak with a safe, fast, easy to use eye-operated communication and control system. This Smithsonian Institution/Computerworld award-winning device enables users to generate speech (including voice banking), send and receive telephone calls, send and receive text messages, surf the Web, run any program, remotely operate a Mac, PC or Linux system, read books in Kindle, play music and videos, operate environment control systems like Amazon Echo and more. Grid programs for children and adults are included.

The system only requires functional use of one eye. It emits minimal light for comfortable use, can be operated in any position, and requires only 15 seconds to calibrate and get started. Developed as a medical device, the Eyegaze Edge® works with a variety of physiologic eye issues including: droopy eyelids, alternating strabismus, nystagmus, post-cataract surgery lens implants, and medication side effects impacting the eyes.

Our Eyegaze Edge® users have written and published 15 books!

Please stop by and try it with your own eyes.

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