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Exhibitor Name: Baldertech Ltd
Stand Number: N444

Balder powerchairs - direct from the manufacturer - Baldertech AS (Norway).

Baldertech UK Ltd are proud to supply the Balder range of powerchairs to UK customers. Visit us on Stand N444 to experience the unique features of a Balder powerchair, such as the often undervalued low seat to floor height combined with flexible height seat lift and the ability to stretch and lay flat or stand up all with a compact, maneuverable front wheel drive chassis. With a range of seating sizes and configurations you can be sure of a comfortable, accurate seating position.

Overall, a proven and well tested design which also benefits from approval for use within a vehicle, with or without its own lock-down system.

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Baldertech Ltd: Exibitor product image 1 Baldertech Ltd: Exibitor product image 2