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This page has been edited to help explain the event to companies based in Asia.

For more information please contact our Asia team based in Hong Kong, they speak many Asian Languages and can explain the event in detail and help you.

What is Naidex 2020?

Naidex 2020 is the UK’s largest and longest running exhibition for the independent living, disabilities and assisted living sector. With the industry growing year after year, and being already worth a staggering £249bn, Naidex is the perfect place to leverage on this growth and put your business in front of over 18,000 decision makers and buyers actively looking to source new products. International corporations such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, NHS, Uber are attending and looking for promising and qualified suppliers and buyers. It is also an international export sourcing events where manufacturers and suppliers meet distributors and resellers face to face to network and secure orders for large quantities of products.

Industries represented by exhibitors and visitors participating in the Naidex 2020 are as follows but not limited to healthcare, disability lifestyle, rehabilitation, independent living. The core value of Naidex 2020 is to provide and maintain a professional, efficient, open-minded atmosphere and platform for suppliers, pre-registered end-users and distributors to keep innovating and contributing to the industry. Please contact our Asia Team to inquire about feedback of past exhibitors and more details.

Register Your Interest

Contact Details

For full information, please contact Asia Director, Luke Lubega on (+44) 0117 990 2850 or luke.lubega@prysmgroup.co.uk.

Why should you join?

  • Networking and trading with over 18,000 pre-registered buyers and senior decision makers
  • Exploiting business opportunities with over 900 distributors and suppliers related to the industries in the show
  • Independent living and healthcare sector worth £249bn
  • Export volume from China to the UK increase by 12% due to Brexit
  • Exchange and discover valuable insights with industry leaders

Choose Your Package

There are many different packages to choose from as an exhibitor. Exhibiting is easy when you book a shell scheme booth, we will build your stand so all you need to do is turn up and present your products. If you have any specific requirements about your booth or you want an individual design, you can have an empty space to create your own unique booth.

To learn about opportunities to exhibit at the event, please contact our Asia Director Luke Lubega on (+852) 5308 2879 or email luke.lubega@prysmgroup.co.uk.