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So what did the people who were there think of the show?

"The event is massively important for the industry, as personally being very office based myself, being able to get out and engage with the community is such an important aspect and seeing all the great work that’s going on in the sector is really important"
 –  Lawrence Orr – Head of Community & Events at Scope
"We've had a lovely time at Naidex 45. Everybody's been brilliant, it's been an exceptional show for us. We've been able to showcase our artificial intelligence & wearable devices and we're definitely coming back next year." – Back for 2020
 –  Reuben Isbitsky – General Manager of OrCam UK Ltd
"The event gives smaller and large companies a chance to demonstrate the work they are doing to improve the lives of disabled people, everyone here has a purpose, everyone has a different solution helping someone that has a unique situation or scenario with unique needs. It’s great to get everyone in one big venue and share all the different innovation and collaboration ideas." – Winner of the Changing Lives Award, back for 2020
 –  Ara Shikhalislami – Project Manager at Transreport
"I’m exhibiting here for the first time at Naidex 2019 with my company Tendercare.

Excellent, the first day was so busy, I couldn’t ask for more! Second day, also busy, more interest from commercial companies rather than just the individuals, and the experience was excellent." – Back for 2020
 –  John Tanner – Managing Director at Tendercare
"It's a great forum, whether you're an established business or you've got something new to bring to the market. This is where your audience are at, I think it’s brilliant! Year on year it’s got better and bigger and it’s so relevant. You can get all of the advice you need under one roof."
 –  Shani Dhanda – Disability Programme Manager at Virgin Media and Founder of the Diversability Card
"This is really the best Naidex I’ve ever been to, it’s really very good! It’s got a real dynamism to it this year, well done!"
 –  David Martin – Founder of DisabilityMatch.co.uk
"You’re around people of like-minded experience, bringing everyone under one roof to share experiences and you don’t feel isolated as an individual. It brings everyone together no matter what disability you have. Whether it’s a hidden disability or a physical element, everyone can come together and gain confidence and enhance their level of self-esteem."
 –  Ian Low – Founder of Class of Courage
"I did a talk yesterday on accessible travel, on the first day of Naidex, which went really well. Somebody told me there were more than 100 people in the audience which was amazing.

I had so much positive feedback! I had some people queuing to see me after the talk, people taking selfies with me and I’ve had people coming to the stand today and even coming to see me in my hotel to tell me how helpful they found it."
 –  Carrie-Ann Lightley – Marketing Manager of AccessAble
"My talk at Naidex was a great experience. Everything went smoothly and the technical support was excellent. The talk has yet again generated lots of interest and activity from existing and potential customers alike."
 –  Alistair Munro – Stair Climber Specialist at Stanley Handling
"Very pleased to be here at Naidex, we find a very nice hospitality and people here are very interested in our product (...) it’s interesting to see how people are reacting to our sensory music tune (...) people will not leave our chairs as they’re doing everything to help us, and it’s very nice!"
 –  Kristian Reiner – Sales Manager at Inmutouch
"It’s a really good interface and a fantastic learning experience for us and also a great information source for the visitors from a number of different operational aspects"
 –  Steve Warren – Laser Therapy Consultant at Klaser
"This has been our third year exhibiting at Naidex and as usual it was a pleasure to engage with all the service users and carers who regularly attend the show looking for aids, adaptations and technology to improve their quality of life.

This year we also met with a large number of professionals who attended the show and together with seven of our members who also had stands were able to come away with a range of quality contacts at the end of the two days.

We look forward to partnering with Prysm for a fourth year and hope to have an even larger number of Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) suppliers and providers at Naidex 2020."
 –  Gerry Allmark – Managing Director of UKTelehealthcare
"I loved speaking at Naidex. To share my ideas on inclusion, see a packed out theatre enjoying it, and meeting some of the audience afterwards was all so brilliant."
 –  Martyn Sibley – Founder of Disability Horizons
"The quality of Naidex show is excellent. Not only are we showcasing our product, meeting prospects; we as a team, learnt a lot from the experience, from the stories our visitors shared with us at our stand."
 –  Daniel Vong – Co-Founder of BAWA Cane
"Naidex 45 was our first outing at the NEC for Touchpoint Europe. The message for others thinking of doing the same – is do it! We usually attend specialist conferences around Europe supporting mental health organisations – this is the first public/trade event we have done and the results were fantastic.

We set out to simply inform visitors to the exhibition about the product but ended up almost out of inventory for the two days! We were so busy with stand visitors and the speakers theatres were packed with listeners standing outside the rooms looking in - with some technical issues they we able to see how Touchpoints helped to relieve stress in real time too!

What did we learn for next year? We needed more staff and space!"
 –  Mark Walker – Sales & Marketing Manager at Touchpoint