Naidex 2020

9th - 10th Nov 2020
NEC, Birmingham


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TGA TO DELIVER NATIONAL FLAGSHIP MOBILITY TEST DRIVE COURSE AT NAIDEXAs official sponsor, TGA, a leading mobility scooter specialist and road safety advocate, will be providing the unique national Mobility Test Track at Naidex 2020, NEC, 17-18 March, stand N718 (opposite TGA's stand N812).Since 1985, TGA has pioneered in the development and provision of mobility scooters with a continual focus on assured independence and peace of mind. It is a leader in assessment-led provision of appropriate mobility scooters, wheelchairs, powerpacks and powerchairs so that users maximise their abilities and social inclusion. Alongside this approach TGA provides knowledge and understanding regarding road safety so users benefit from greater confidence and enjoyment. Hence, the Naidex TGA Mobility Test Track will provide a unique dual-purpose opportunity for visitors - to identify the right product for individual needs and to learn the latest safe driving techniques.The annual TGA Mobility Test Track at Naidex is the largest of its kind in the UK. It provides an array of simulated everyday obstacles such as road crossings, kerbs and reversing zones with experts on hand to offer solutions for tackling typical scenarios. This show feature provides the unique opportunity to test drive a vast range of mobility products in one, safe and controlled environment. TGA advisors will be able to provide one-to-one support in relation to product suitability for end users and clinical recommendations for visiting healthcare professionals. Occupational Therapists in particular will be able to learn how specific types of mobility scooters assist with certain medical conditions. Trade dealers attending the test drive course will benefit equally with the ability to understand TGA products in more detail and hence offer their customers better guidance.The Naidex Mobility Test Track is part of TGA`s ongoing road safety initiative. This programme involves dealer safe driving awareness days, free online guidance, driver training and provision of safety accessories such as high visibility clothing. Healthcare professionals and charity groups have access to informative TGA workshops which illustrate scooter suitability and safe driving - all supported by free educational material. These documents such as the new 'Guide to safe mobility scooter driving' and 'A professional's guide to mobility scooters' will be available at Naidex. Information regarding accessible travel with scooters will also be available so that greater freedom can be enjoyed locally and further afield.Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director, concludes: `We welcome everyone to the test drive course at Naidex again this year. Preparing for obstacles faced in the real world is important and we`ve tried to make it entertaining and fun. As always, the TGA team will be on hand to answer any questions and offer help and support. There will be free educational material available for anyone requiring it too. We look forward to seeing you there.`----TGA TO LAUNCH LATEST RESPECTED BREEZE S4 AND MIDI MOBILITY SCOOTERS AT NAIDEXTGA, a leading nationwide mobility product specialist, will be unveiling the latest versions of its award-winning Breeze S and Breeze Midi mobility scooters at Naidex 2020 (NEC, 17-18th March, NEC, Birmingham, stand N812 / test drive course).The TGA Breeze range is renowned for its engineering excellence with a heritage that spans over 15 years. Its robust and reliable design has been a trusted solution for independence across the UK in a variety of environments from urban to rural. The Breeze is synonymous with quality and style with a highly regarded pedigree that ensures peace of mind for elderly and disabled owners. Several extreme product tests over the years have underlined its market-leading performance and endurance with world record attempts and victory on the BBC Top Gear programme. The distinctive-looking new Breeze S3 and S4, alongside the three- and four-wheel mid-sized Breeze Midi models, build on a proven track record with innovations that raise the bar across the mobility sector. TGA's latest flagship mobility scooters will be officially unveiled to consumers at Naidex 2020.The 8mph, Class 3 Breeze S3 and S4 have been remodelled and re-engineered to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. Contemporary, crisp aesthetics have become more indicative of quality automotive brands, aided by streamlined additions such as a lockable front compartment instead of a traditional basket. Suspension, steering and controls have all been upgraded alongside a redesigned tiller which provides greater clarity and intuitive usage - plus the addition of a USB socket for battery charging. The Breeze S still retains its adaptability in terms of left and right-handed controls along with the foot pedal accelerator option - essential for users with strength inconsistencies. The supportive seat has been improved for additional postural support whilst still retaining its swivel capabilities for easy access.The 30-mile range and 31 stone user weight limit allows the Breeze to cater for a vast range of needs and lifestyles with the addition of added safety through new energy-absorbing rubberised bumpers. Add the GT version with extra wider rear wheels, remodelled hard top canopy option and the Golf model for fairway friendly mobility, the new Breeze range presents a compelling choice for positive mental health and well-being.The social inclusion and accessibility provided by the latest TGA Breeze S3 and S4 is equalled by the compact Breeze Midi 3 and 4. These mid-sized scooters mirror all the new assets of the larger models with the added advantage of greater manoeuvrability and easier storage for more restricted scenarios. New for 2020, the Midi scooters are available with a contemporary canopy which provides all-weather protection so independence can be enjoyed throughout the year. This attractive addition bolsters the fresh and exciting look of the new Breeze's whilst offering outstanding visibility and durability. Overall the Breeze Midi drives and feels the same as a larger scooter with the benefits of a more compact chassis.Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: "We believe our new range of Breeze scooters are the best for independence with peace of mind - providing unique styling, comfort and performance. We welcome all visitors to Naidex to drive the new Breeze S and Breeze Midi scooters on our test track which promises to be rewarding for all."----TGA TO LAUNCH UNIQUE MOBILITY SCOOTER PASSPORT AND FLIGHT CHECKLIST AT NAIDEXTGA will be unveiling its unique product passport and flight checklist at Naidex for easier air travel with a mobility scooter.As an established specialist supplier of mobility scooters, TGA is committed to accessible travel for all. Advancements in the design of transportable scooters, such as the compact folding TGA Minimo, are opening up opportunities for disabled travellers however there is still a need for advice and information regarding product suitability on buses, trains and planes.Growth in air travel is of particular significance with more scooter owners seeking to take their own products on planes for holidays, business and family visits. The process of transporting mobility products varies between airport and airlines across the world, nevertheless there are common considerations which can assist with more efficient transfers. Therefore, to support hassle-free flying TGA has developed the UK's first 'Scooter Passport' scheme and flight checklist so travellers arrive at airports fully prepared for any questions they may face. With complete details regarding their product to hand, along with all planning requirements completed, transit of suitable TGA mobility scooters can be more efficient and seamless - on planes, trains and cruise liners.The new TGA scooter passport comprises of a 'luggage tag' style design that can be affixed to products before departure. Its reusable, non-tear material allows owners to write all of their scooter details including product name, size, weight and battery type. At check in, airport staff can then make an informed decision regarding handling of the scooter throughout the airport and stowage on the plane. Ground crew and baggage handlers can manage the scooter appropriately to reduce the risk of damage and airline captains are informed so there is no confusion or delay. On arrival, the TGA passport again offers airport staff invaluable information so ultimately the scooter passenger experience is better.To support the free TGA passport customers can also obtain the new TGA flight checklist which is a simple 4-page, tick-box booklet which details all the recommended actions before air travel with a scooter. Planning activities such as informing airline special assistance teams, checking airport accessibility and scooter battery suitability are all included. Actions are chronologically categorised along with a recommended list of paperwork to take to the airport. Many TGA scooter owners regularly fly with their Zest or Minimo scooter however the new TGA passport and flight checklist will make journeys even easier.Free copies of the new TGA passport and flight checklist will be available to dealers and end users on stand N812 at Naidex 2020.---LEADING DISABILITY CAMPAIGNER AND TGA WHILL AMBASSADOR DR BARHAM-BROWN TALKS SELF-ADVOCACY AT NAIDEXDr Hannah Barham-Brown, GP, Equity Advocate and TGA WHILL powered wheelchair ambassador, will be presenting a seminar at Naidex 2020 focused on advocating change within health services, education and employment for disabled people (NEC, 18th March, in association with TGA Mobility on stand N812).Self-advocating change in Health, Education and EmploymentSpeaker: Dr Hannah S Barham-Brown MBBS, BA Hons., BSc Hons.Exhibition: NEC BirminghamPROVISIONAL DATE: 18th March 2020PROVISIONAL TIME: 14:00 - 14:30Seminar location: TBCSynopsis: People with disabilities have a huge amount to offer; but sometimes it can seem that the rest of the world is taking a while to realise. Join Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, GP and Equity Advocate, and learn vital tools and tips for self-advocacy in education, employment and healthcare.Learning outcomes:- Using social media for self-advocacy, collaboration with other disabled people and 'activism'- Access support mechanisms at universities, in the workplace, Trade Unions and Patient -- Advice and Liaison Services- Working with local politicians to bring about change- How to get the most out of your health appointments - working in partnership with clinicians- Working with other disabled people to drive improvement.Hannah Barham-Brown is a junior doctor, British Medical Association Council member, speaker, and gender and disability equity campaigner. She is TGA's Ambassador for the pioneering WHILL Model C powered wheelchair which she uses to excel in her career, campaigning and management of `My AFK` and `The Eve Appeal` charities. Hannah regularly works with national and local media, and has given two international TEDx talks on the need for diversity in the NHS and being a #RollModel. In 2019, she stood as a Council and EU Parliamentary Candidate for the Women`s Equality Party and travels the country giving talks on a variety of subjects. Hannah was named on the Shaw Trust`s 2018 and 2019 `Power Lists` - making her one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK.In addition to her seminar Hannah will be available on the TGA stand during day two of Naidex so visitors can learn from her experiences as a leading disabled influencer. She will also be able to explain how her TGA WHILL Model C powerchair allows her to drive change through pioneering independence and inclusion.