Speaker profile for Suzanne Edwards & Edward Handscombe: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Suzanne Edwards & Edward Handscombe

Company Name: Airbnb

Seminar Title: An Accessible World Awaits - Breaking down the barriers to travel

With the acquisition of accessible accommodation startup, Accomable, in 2017, Airbnb has been continuing its work to make the platform more accessible and to break down some of the barriers disabled travellers face. Our talk will take you behind the scenes of some of those changes and will showcase new possibilities for sharing your passion with the world and embracing adventure!

About Suzanne Edwards & Edward Handscombe

Suzanne is an international wheelchair tennis player, and is pioneering Adapted Experiences at Airbnb - unique activities and tours which will specifically cater to guests with a disability. Previously an operations lead at Accomable, Suzanne joined the London office when the accessible travel startup was acquired in November 2017. She has been a full-time wheelchair user since 2011, after sustaining a T8/9 spinal cord injury when her hotel balcony collapsed while working as a surf instructor in Morocco. When she isn’t playing wheelchair tennis, she’s sharing her passion for the sport as a popular Adapted Experience host on Airbnb. She also be competed in the World Adaptive Surf Championships in California in December 2018.

Ed is a business and technology leader, responsible for experiences across the UK and Ireland on Airbnb.. Passionate about the positive impact that cutting-edge technology can have on the world, Ed kickstarted his career at consultancies IBM and Gartner, delivering both technology systems and strategic advice for CIOs and CTOs of global financial services, retail and manufacturing organisations.. When he isn’t reading up on the latest machine learning tech, you’ll likely find him participating in racket sports, a triathlon or perhaps your local Parkrun!