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Speaker profile for Sarah Clayton: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Sarah Clayton


Company Name: Simple Stuff Works

Seminar Title: Postural Care and Dementia - Five Things to Know

We will explore the following questions as well as having some practical time to experience support for ourselves...
1. Why do people with dementia need additional support in bed?
2. When should we intervene?
3. How do we know we are getting it right?
4. What about pressure?
5. Where can I find out more?

About Sarah Clayton

Sarah is passionate about posture. This automatically makes you think she is dull but actually it turns out that her passion translates into highly contagious enthusiasm.

She has worked with families of children living with complex disability since the late 1990’s. Her life’s mission is to enable parents and practitioners to understand the risks children face if they find it difficult to move and to help put an end to avoidable complications such as hip dislocations and scoliosis.

In September 2007 Sarah’s daughter Abigail was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor aged 6. Abi is doing well at a mainstream college with additional support. Sarah has three other children, works full time as CEO at Simple Stuff Works and can regularly be found wearing her jumper inside out.