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Speaker profile for Richard Welch and Helen Adams: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Richard Welch and Helen Adams

Company Name: Remotion Ltd

Seminar Title: Spasticity, movement disorders, muscle weakness and Mollii's answer

Discover how treatment and therapy for movement and muscle tone disorders in neurological and other conditions can be enhanced by using the Mollii Suit''s type of mild sensory electro-stimulation.

We will discuss the type of outcome changes that can be obtained when combined with on-going therapy and treatment for different cases/conditions including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.

About Richard Welch and Helen Adams

Richard Welch has worked in the medical equipment industry since 1987 in the UK, USA, Europe and elsewhere, focusing on introducing products and solutions for patients which provide a significant advance over existing alternatives. From wound care and pressure relieving systems, patient handling, bariatric care and mobility to falls management and others across a variety of different national healthcare systems. Richard understands meeting a patient''s on-going needs in different settings with delivering that product or service within a healthcare system.

Helen Adams, CSP, BSc, Neuro-physiotherapist, has over 20 years experience treating and rehabilitating adults and children with neurological and other conditions in the UK and abroad. Before joining Remotion Ltd in 2018, Helen was Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist for a private 100+ bed neuro-rehabilitation hospital and group in Wiltshire and previously in the NHS.