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Speaker profile for Patrick McGeough: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Patrick McGeough

Company Name: Para Dance UK

Seminar Title: Dance For All

Want to get involved in Dance? Want to engage more disabled dancers into your own movement or dance activity? Then join us and hear how dance can make a real impact for you, your family and your community, whether you want to dance for social, creative or competitive reasons lets show that Everyone Can Dance!

About Patrick McGeough

Patrick spent most of his career supporting organisations to be more open or to be more accessible and to help them to see the business opportunity of the disability market. Subsequently Patrick spent a few years helping disabled people set up their own charities or businesses and has worked for many public organisations showing the benefits of engaging and working with the disability market. Patrick is a strong believer that dance and dance sport can be an effective tool to help keep your mind and body active not matter what the ability of the individual. Everyone should be given the opportunity whether they take it is their choice