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Speaker profile for Nancy Cleveland,: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Nancy Cleveland,

Company Name: Eyegaze, Inc.

Seminar Title: Eyegaze Edge: Tell Your Story with Your Eyes

How do you live your life if your body and voice don't work? You connect with the world using your eyes! Give a speech, ,write a book, surf the web, program a computer or text a friend - all that's required is control of one eye. As featured in Nancy Cleveland's 2018 TEDx talk, hear stories of amazing people who do it all with the Eyegaze Edge® , an eye-operated communication and control system.

About Nancy Cleveland,

Nancy Cleveland is a registered nurse with over 30 years experience in the field of eye tracking use by people with disabilities. As the Medical Director of Eyegaze, Inc., she has been a member of the development team since it developed the first Eyegaze system, now called the Eyegaze Edge®, in 1988. Working with Eyegaze Edge® users in the United States and internationally, she has studied user interface options that best facilitate eye-operation. She has collected an extensive library of eye images that have provided the data to create an eye tracking system that serves the largest population of users with disabilities in the world. She continues to participate in on-going product development, and has presented over 300 lectures and workshops around the world on the use of Eyegaze systems by people with disabilities.