Speaker profile for Martyn Sibley: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Martyn Sibley

Company Name: Disability Horizons

Seminar Title: Mindset and habits that change the world

In the world of disability we talk a lot about the social model. We're all very aware that it's the barriers of society that disable people. What we therefore need to talk more about is how to remove the environmental, attitudinal and organisational obstacles in the way. What if we all have a responsibility and the power to make these changes? What if a certain mindset and some new habits are the key to unlocking your potential?

About Martyn Sibley

Martyn Sibley is an entrepreneur, writer, presenter and co founder of Disability Horizons magazine and client services. Using his power wheelchair everywhere, he's travelled extensively, undertaken adrenaline fuelled adventures and is a regular spokesperson in the mainstream media. Through his blog and published book, his message is about the importance of inclusion for everyone. When nobody is left behind, everyone wins.