Speaker profile for Maria Jokelainen: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Maria Jokelainen


Company Name: Yetitablet

Seminar Title: Using apps to rehabilitate patients and help them regain their independence

While developing the Yetitablet with patients, Maria has discovered the potential that apps have at impacting the well-being of elders and people with disabilities. Through Android apps that are available for everyone, patients can regain their independence, mental, and physical health which can positively impact their quality of life. Now Maria would like to share with you his findings and some apps that he’s discovered have the best impact.

About Maria Jokelainen

Maria Jokelainen is an entrepreneur & mother to 3 ASD children. She is theCEO of Yetitablet, which develops giant tablets so patients can access applications to rehabilitate cognitive or motor functions, communicate with loved ones, learn new skills, regain their independence and improve their quality of life