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Speaker profile for Lynette Waldmann Morles: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Lynette Waldmann Morles

Company Name: Profilo Smart (UK) LTD

Seminar Title: Flexible Environments for Healthcare Facilities

There is a series of consequences when healthcare facilities are not design more safe, flexible and usable to all. Therefore, it is important to identify the problems on such facilities and assess the impact for the parties involved. Afterwards, it will be provided with benefits of flexible environments and solutions. By considering Flexible design furniture we are providing a more inclusive and user-friendly service improving the wellbeing of each patient and moreover the workforce.

About Lynette Waldmann Morles

A dynamic and dedicated Project Manager in architecture with an MBA, and 5 years of experience on the field. She first acquires her bachelor's degree in architecture in Venezuela 2012. She has a strong background in the design of high end residential and proven ability in aiding the successful delivery of projects on time. On 2018 she completed her master's in business administration and is now finishing a Diploma in Project management in Dublin. She is also involved in different committees at the NSAI in Dublin specifically related to Build environment and Accessible tourism standards. Recently in charge of the development and promotion of universal design solutions through RIAI CPD and RIBA CPD. Lynette is a great communicator and can speak in both English and Spanish proficiently. Her excellent knowledge of the European standards related to inclusive design was acquired by her experience developing projects on healthcare, hospitality and residential.